Working with Rajan has been LIFE CHANGING, to say the least. I have been working with him for awhile now, and he has always gone above and beyond with helping me expand my thought. Although the main agenda is to get a cello, what he does will give you long term and life changing benefits in every part of your life. He has a particular way of communicating that is especially nurturing yet to the point, which definitely makes me feel like it is more person-to-person rather than business-to-client. It makes the seemingly nerve-racking topics we discuss way easier to comprehend and process. Because of him, I have been able to start changing my frame of mind in ways that I never thought possible, which has allowed me to see all of the possibilities and opportunities that I have right at my fingertips.
J. M. – Seattle, WA

Rajan has the rare ability to call forth the very best from a cello, from a piece of music, from a student,  from another artist or an ensemble, and in my case from a cello maker. He skillfully, compassionately and with great precision brings the things and people that he encounters to a higher plane. I simply could not be the luthier that I am today without his exacting guidance over the last decade. I have been honored to work closely with him, to listen to him both as musician and mentor and to be stewarded into a world of possibility as a cello maker and as a person that would be impossible to envision without Rajan’s presence. I have the deepest gratitude for our working dialogue and know that any artist who encounters Rajan will be fully inspired and will have success in their field ensured as he shares his vision. His inspired idea of placing the finest string instruments in the hands of musicians who will bring their unparalleled quality and power to the concert stage is an idea whose time has come and there is no one more capable of bringing this to reality than him.

Robert Brewer Young,  Luthier
Director – W. E. Hill & Sons

“It was a tremendous pleasure to be a participant in the purchase of this exquisite instrument for the use by Rajan Krishnaswami.  It was more than a simple financial process – rather an investment in Rajan’s artistic growth and performance career.  It was most enjoyable to attend concerts in which he played the instrument with great finesse, knowing that we were part of making that happen.  We also learned a lot about the art and history of the making of stringed instruments.
Additionally, we were excited to be part of a group of investors, giving us a feeling of cooperative effort, even if we didn’t personally know many of the others.
On the financial side, it turned out to be a wonderful investment.  We went into this process knowing that the funds would not be liquid, that the value of the cello would most likely go up, but could not count on a time-frame for getting our return.  We did hope that we could do that during our life-time, but were not dependent on that happening.  As it turned out, and thanks to Rajan’s diligence and excellent contacts, our wish to have the return in our life-time came to fruition, abundantly. 
Rajan deserves much praise for the responsible way he handled all the transactions, making it easy for us to do this without a lot of complicated financial, legal or logistical dealings.  He was totally trustworthy, kept us updated and well-informed about the process, both during his use of the cello and the process of selling it, and was creative and persistent in bringing about the sale. 
If we were younger, and in a position to do so, we would likely consider doing something like this again.  But now in our 80’s, we are glad to recommend it to the next generations.”
E. E. Seattle, WA
It is a unique thing that you did to syndicate people together whose primary reason was to help you. Usually it’s through a personal contact that musicians find sponsors. To pool together different people to come together into a structure where they can make money and help a musician at the same time, this is very rare. I think there is so much room for this sort of thing and I think it will be very well received on all sides.
Jason Price, Founder and Director, Tarisio

“Investing in Rajan’s Guadagnini was a fun and exciting experience. It felt good that our money, while providing a good return for us, was serving such a worthwhile purpose. Fine musical instruments like these which can never be replicated and must be played to maintain their unique qualities, can make a real difference to an accomplished musician. By providing inspiration, stretching the limits of the musician and spreading the joy of just hearing an instrumental masterpiece to many people, we were part of something that was truly special and worthwhile.”

Kathleen Knull, Snohomish, WA

“I became a partner in this venture many years ago primarily as a way to support Rajan as an artist. It was amazing to be able to support the arts in this way AND get a decent return on my investment. It truly is the best of both worlds. It’s like being a philanthropist and an investor with the same funds. I definitely would recommend this to anyone as a creative and satisfying diversification of one’s portfolio.”

A. S. Stamford, CT.

“When Rajan was trying instruments, I had the pleasure of hearing his previous cello compared in the same space as the Guadagnini. The difference between the two was astonishing. That is one significant thing which inspired me to become a partner in the venture. 
Though my intent in becoming a partner was primarily to support Rajan as an artist, I was very pleasantly surprised with the amount of return I received. I attribute that directly to his efforts to validate the worth of the instrument. 
I would definitely recommend this type of partnership to anyone. It was a pleasure to be connected in this special way to such a fine artist, and to his instrument.”
Anonymous, Seattle, WA

“We are more than pleased and grateful with the return of our investment in you and the cello. Thank you for all the years of passionate musical expressions and being a great inspiration for the young musicians in our community.”

Anonymous, Seattle, WA