You have found yourself here on this website, and it really speaks to you. You are intrigued because you would LOVE to play on one of the world’s fine instruments. We teach musicians just like YOU to put together a group of partners who will be thrilled to buy a top quality instrument for you.


We have experience, information and resources to provide you, along with your membership. Resources include:

  • One on one sessions with me by phone or Skype (or in person) to kick start your process
  • Training materials to give you tons of information on how to find investing partners
  • Mindset resources: links/books/webinars/coaches
  • Partners’ packet to present the idea to potential investing partners which includes testimonials from those who have already participated, instrument appreciation stats, email templates, sample scripts for phone or in person meetings, etc.
  • Media kits to publicize your project
  • Full support working with dealers to help you find YOUR instrument
  • Proprietary legal contracts for partners
  • Unlimited email assistance from me
  • Much more

Membership is fully refundable to members who successfully acquire an instrument through our contacts.

You can request a workshop in your area, or simply inquire about membership by contacting us or
calling toll free 844-972-6435.

Check back here for updates about events near you, and for specific information about how to become a member right from this page.

Intrigued? Questions? Contact us!